Her extensive training and experience in personal and business excellence over the last 20 years has earned her the role of “Best Kept Secret” to a small army of professional actors, executives and athletes in the NHL, NFL, FIFA and PGA. Farzana is a best selling co-author, polymath and proud nerd. She brings a mix of warmth, professionalism and playfulness to every engagement. Her mission in life is helping each person realize their best self so they can accomplish anything. Her toolkit is so diverse from traditional psychology, coaching, communication and NLP to applied cognitive neuroscience, hypnotherapy, and meditation you may not know what you’re signing up for but you can rest assured you will get results.

Who are you?
What makes you, you?
Why are you here?

I cheat at meditation

Warning. Do not read this book if you have allergies to smiling, laughter, happiness, zen and other related states of bliss:

A book for those require efficient and effective ways to get calm, clear, focused and energized so you can be your very best right now!

Forget about not having enough time.
Forget about it taking years to learn meditation.
Forget about struggling in futility to force the thoughts out of your mind.
Forget about having to sit on the floor.
Forget about everything that ever held you back from meditating.



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Get guidance by Farzana to clear your stress & learn how to meditate in her video series:

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