I cheat at meditation


A book for those who require efficient and effective ways to get calm, clear, focused and energized so you can be your very best right now!

“I wrote this book because after more than 30 years of meditating I realized that it doesn’t have to take 30 years to get the benefits of meditation.

I studied the mind, hypnosis, trance, cognitive neuroscience as well as the many cultural and religious practices around the world and I found essential elements to getting the most out of meditation. I compiled them into a process than can be done in a minute or stretched to hours. I realized there were different meditations for different purposes but there were few for the busy stimulated individuals, which is pretty much all of us in this do-it-yourself-world.

In my daily life I can’t afford to be spaced out from a consciousness expanding meditation practice nor can I afford to desire solitude by practicing a meditation that was designed for a monk to be celibate. I need to be calm and level-headed, I need to be focused and clear, and I need to be energized and ready to be present in every moment.

I wrote this book for all of us busy people who desire to learn the things that will help us in our daily lives but need the goods, the essentials or the cheat sheet right away. So…I wrote these books in a conversational tone with my sense humour (please laugh at my jokes) audio to support your process in a quick read format. I hope you find more than just tools to meditate. Most of all I hope you have fun while you aquire simple easy effective tools to be your very best self.”

“I recently finished this wonderful book and it was so easy to read and effective in what the author is wanting to teach the reader! The format isn’t just all about the wealth of information that she has gained over the years of practicing meditation herself, but is a light-hearted, genuine approach to such a zen subject. And she gets her point across with a system and tools that made it easy for me to cheat at meditation as well! I love that she also provides online tools to use long after you finish the book!”

Keith Lloyd

“Finally a meditation guide that takes modern life and schedules into account. Farzana’s method is quick and simple and you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk for 20 years to have transcendental experiences. The audios are a great tool and those alone are so worth it! Thank you, Farzana for opening up this inner world to us modern busy people!”

C. Zimmer

“Amazing book! I use it every day to re-centre and recharge. The author clearly has a passion for meditation and presents it in a very relatable and understandable way. Awesome tips for integrating meditation into everyday life.”

Amazon Customer

“Such a terrific book. Amazingly well written, super simple to follow … a perfect way to get into meditation or simplify your existing process. Thanks Farzana for taking the time to help us all.”


“Farzana is very skilled at making a complicated topic easy to connect with and internalize. Can’t wait to see more “I Cheat…” topics as they come out.”

Debra L Walker

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